[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Maggie Ryder - LETS PLAY HIDE THE KIELBASA Free Stream


Hello Girl, and what are you here to do on the ExCoGi bed today? “I’m here to fuck some hot ass porn star,” this gorgeous 22 year-old silky smooth beauty said. I don’t say this often but this girl is striking with a tight body, nice round ass, and spectacularly pink pussy that looks like it could rip your dick off after milking it bone dry. So who’s the voice behind the dick that our little honey is milking dry today you ask? Well it’s a voice of very seasoned woodsman’s that will sound very familiar to our fans so let me introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend who is Mr. Isiah Maxwell and it’s quite obvious this newbie’s more than super excited to jump on our man Isiah’s cock for her first sex on camera. So we find out that this beauties a little slut and in her own words “Likes to get around.” I can see why with a fine ass body like that I’d be getting around and getting dick, or pussy, everyday if I looked like you honey and there’s no shame here. So as I just hinted this girl loves women just as much as men she explains and even has a married couple she gets with back home and I’m sure they have tons of fun playing with you. But today is all about Isiah having his way with you and letting you to fulfill a few of your fantasies. So what is the best way to make her cum? Well this girl loves to have her pussy licked… softly, she adds, and while being fingered at the same time. Yea we saw her eyes roll back in her head more than a few times today while Isiah tasted this dark goddesses exquisite forbidden fruit and who wouldn’t want to eat at this girl's buffet. So tell us Steve, what’s some of the nasty and naughty things that this sweetie did today? Well let's start by saying this girl could hide a large kielbasa sausage down her throat if she had to, paired with her simultaneous tonguing action of Isiah’s ball sack was quite impressive and personally I think it’s something every young girl needs to learn before she starts to date. Just my humble opinion but women would definitely be getting way more call backs for second, third or possibly even wedding proposals if they had half the skills this girl’s mouth possesses. Squirting… Yes there was squirting for the first time today and Rocky, that lucky SOB, got to stick his fingers up this girl and made her gush with amazement. This is also just my humble opinion but for sure there would be a lot more happier women out there if all men could learn how to make the waterworks flow like our man Rocky can. But don’t let the waterworks douse the real fireworks display and that started when she spreads those pristine glass blown legs of hers and accepts Isiah’s monster man meat up her. Now she does state that she’s a bit of a size queen and loves her meat long and thick. Yea I’m sure all women would order it that was as well if all us men were blessed with being half the man Isiah is, and luckily for Isiah she’s sporting the one thing that all us men love and that’s a young and tight pussy. It’s a match made in porn heaven if you ask me, and the only way to leave a young beautiful girl like our girl and her pretty pink pussy is to breed it I think. Leave them stretched, sore and begging for more is our motto around here and that’s exactly what happened today so enjoy the stretching of this hottie’s pussy everyone. Steve

[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Maggie Ryder - LETS PLAY HIDE THE KIELBASA

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