[JapanHDV] Maria Ono - Maria Ono Is A Kind Nurse That Sucks


This is every man’s fantasy. You are stuck in the hospital. You are so sick you can not even get out of bed. That is not the fantasy part this is. Your nurse is named Maria Ono and she is sweet and kind and will do anything to alleviate the discomfort the patients in her charge are feeling. She will make sure that they get whatever they need and a bit more. The patients are her main priority and when one of them asks for something, she delivers. That is the kind of nurse she is. She also happens to wear a sexy hot uniform that is so short you cans see her panties when she bends over a bit. This is of course noticed by all the patients as she makes her rounds each day. Today a couple of lucky bastards were sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. That is not the lucky part. The lucky part was that Miss Maria Ono got assigned to be their nurse. Which means these sickos don’t just get your average care of sponge baths and rectal examinations. They also get the in depth inspection of cock and balls. They get a thorough washing of the balls and ass and then they get to touch as much of Nurse Ono as they like as she leans over them to clean every inch of their growing cock. This really is the life for these lucky enough to be in the hospital bastards. A real good cock sucking and a cleaning of the dick pipe as Nurse Ono takes the whole load of cum in her mouth. Somebody run me over now!

[JapanHDV] Maria Ono - Maria Ono is a kind nurse that sucks each one of her patient’s cocks