[JapanHDV] Runa Hagawa - Calls Her Lover For Some Phone Sex


Runa Hagawa is feeling a little lonely today. She calls up a lover and tells him she is feeling a bit horny as well and she is by herself. Well this conversation leads to something more than just a friendly check in. Runa also happens to be naked. This is a good starting point for a wonderful afternoon of masturbation. She is horny and naked and on the phone with a lover. The scene is set and now her lover chimes in that he is also horny for her now that she is calling him. He starts to direct her in what she should do to herself and that he wants to hear everything that she is doing so she should be very vocal about it all. He tells her to reach down between her legs, and spread her legs wide and reach for her clit. He wants her to use her finger and stimulate her clit for him. He knows her well and that once she starts doing this she is going to get loud. She has her legs spread and her finger rubbing all of her body. He wants her to be louder so she starts rubbing faster. But now that she is all wet and horny she wants him to touch himself too. She wants his own hand to start stroking his cock. She tells him this will help her get off. He starts to whack himself off as she also fingers her pussy. It is a lovely relaxing afternoon of self fucking. Go see it all.

[JapanHDV] Runa Hagawa - Calls her lover for some phone sex