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[ManyVids] Harley Sin- Petite Daughter Loves Little Dick

Views: 66 | Uploaded: 2022-08-09

[ManyVids] Harley Sin- Petite Daughter Loves Little Dick Free Stream

Your daughter wonders if you ever miss mom. She does a little bit, but mom wasn’t really the usual mother. She’s really happy its just you and her now. Since mom was always cheating on you, she needed a real package down there. Not like you daddy, with your little dick. But your daughter loves it. Her last boyfriend was had a MASSIVE 6 inch cock, she was so tight it hurt her every time. Yours fits her like a glove. Your daughter begs to see your cock, she gives you a hand job, within a few minutes you’ve cum. But she doesn’t mind, it makes her feel good.
She takes off her clothes and bends over, invites you to lick her down there, even put your finger in her ass. She doesn’t mind being dirty for you. Mommy never would do that, but your sweet daughter will.
She gets on top of you, riding your little dick. She’s getting naughtier now, takes her hair down, starts using dirty words. She wants you to teach her everything about sex, so she can be a good wife to you one day.
Unless you want to keep her a secret? A widowed man, living secluded with his daughter. Or did you want everything in the open? Living as man and wife. And maybe one day, when she’s had a few years to play with her daddy, you could impregnate her XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, daddy roleplay, daddys girl, heavy SPE, small penis encouragement, premature ejaculation, submissive, submissive sluts, virtual sex, POV, POV Sex, 18&19 Yr old, impregnation fantasy, dirty talk

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[ManyVids] Harley Sin- Petite Daughter Loves Little Dick