[TheFlourishXXX] Armani Black - The Pros Episode 01 Free Stream


The Pros – Season 1 Episode 1 feat Armani Black and Derek Savage has Derek being a WR (football) for the Miami Renegades about to go into his contract year. His agent (T-Bone aka Mr. Flourish) gives him 2 firm instructions, (1) Sit out this year if we don’t get a contract extension and (2) Stop fucking all these chics everywhere who are looking for a come up anyway possible, to keep his dick in his pants. Derek has an interview on a sports show which is played by Armani Black. She is very deviant in her questions and conversation and Derek cannot see her angle. She announces that he has received a $150M contract extension which delights him. Later while he is having lunch with his agent she sexest (sexual text messaging) to continue the interview. He agree’s and invites her over to his bachelor pad. Once there she shows him what being deviant with a high sex drive is all about.

[TheFlourishXXX] Armani Black - The Pros Episode 01