[HelplessTeens] Gina Valentina – E44

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[HelplessTeens] Gina Valentina - E44

Gina just wants to get home. Her car is out of gas, her phone isn’t working and she’s miles and miles away from home. When Brick’s plain white van creeps into view she waves hhim over and tells him about her troubling predicament. He agrees to give her a lift to the closest gas station on his route. Who wouldn’t help this innocent looking little Latina? Once they’ve started on their way, she reveals that she’s broke, then has the nerve to asks him for gas money. This isn’t a charity, slut! The only way home for this conniving cutie now is on her knees. Rope bound and gagged with cock, Gina’s sexual torment begins with deepthroating and quickly escalates. Brick’s relentless deep dicking sends her creaming and screaming toward multiple orgasms. Her petite young body is used like a rag-doll for a sloppy standing 69 that leaves her face coated in spit. In a dizzying flurry, Gina gets pounded hard in several positions. Once Brick’s done wrecking her tiny pussy, he has suck his balls and then gives her a huge messy facial cumshot.

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