[MilfBody] Christiana Cinn – Fleshlight Aerobics

Published on August 27, 2018 by

Christiana Cinn was looking super hot in her retro workout gear. She was ready for her daily aerobics workout via video instruction. She needed to pause the routine to find her dumbbells, but she had no idea where she had left them last! She could not find them after a few minutes of looking, but she did come across her husbands shake weight, or at least what she thought was a shake weight. She was shaking that thing like a tambourine until her husband got home and saw that it was actually his fleshlight that she was using as a shake weight. He stopped Christiana right away and explained to her what it was. She was intrigued and wanted to see how it worked, so Christiana then facilitated a fleshlight cock workout. Before she knew it she was sucking his cum out of it and wondered what he thought was better: her soft mature pussy or the fleshlight? Only time will tell!

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