[SlutSisterStudios] Courtney Scott – Brother Takes My Anal Virginity

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[SlutSisterStudios] Courtney Scott – Brother Takes My Anal Virginity-pornxstream

*This is the only anal scene I’ve ever done* I went on a date with my boyfriend John tonight. I got all dressed up, looking like a whore for him and hoping for something more tonight just for him to break up with me! He told me I wasn’t even that hot and that I was too much of a freak. He left me in tears and now all the makeup I had done for him was running down my face. My brother catches me and tries to console me. He’s just my brother though and he loves me as his sister so I know he’s just trying to make me feel better with the stuff he says. I can’t get over how John basically called me ugly so I get up and show my brother my hot outfit and then I ask him a kind of awkward question but one that I need to know. I ask him, “if I wasn’t your sister, would you fuck me? Do you think I have a nice body?” He reassures me that I have a great body and that if he wasn’t my brother, that he would definitely fuck me. I mention how I thought I looked cute tonight and I even went to the effort of wearing a sexy bra and underwear since I thought I would be getting lucky tonight. He tells me he wants to see so that he can tell me what he thinks. I strip and he mentions how John is just an idiot. I tell him I love him and get my dress back on and head to bed. I love my brother…..he always knows just what to do and say to cheer me up. The next day, I’m laying on my bed watching TV when my brother comes in and wants to talk. He then asks me why can’t we have sex? I’m appalled, you’re my brother!! He sees me freaking out and he asks me the same thing I asked him yesterday, “If I wasn’t your brother, would you fuck me?” Well I have to admit my brother is pretty hot so I admit to him that I would. It’s just too weird. I can’t fuck my brother. I mean what if I ever wanted to even get pregnant? Everything about this would be way too fucked up. I tell him it would be to complicated. He pressures me on why and makes everything sound so simple. I finally relent and tell him that first of all I’m too much of a freak. He thinks I’m referring to vanilla stuff like swallowing. He doesn’t realize I actually love cum so that’s a given that I like to swallow every guy’s load I give head to. I end up confessing my wildest sexual fantasies. I can’t believe it but I I confess it all to my brother. I tell him how the thing I want most is to try anal, to get my ass fucked and that I also want to eat ass and get my ass eaten. I’m embarrassed telling him all this, sure that he must think I’m a freak. It’s actually the exact opposite and he finds it just as hot as I do and thinks all my boyfriends were just idiots. Wow, I really do love my brother. I guess, why couldn’t we fuck? I ask him if he thinks we really should fuck and wouldn’t it be weird? He suggests that we can start with just a kiss and if it feels too weird, we can stop.He flips me over and starts kissing me and fingering me and I have to admit, it feels absolutely amazing even though he’s my brother. We stand and continue making out while he fondles my ass. He asks me if I want him to eat my pussy first. I tell him I want him to eat my pussy and my ass. He bend me over the bed and takes off my white shorts and pulls my panties to the side and starts eating my ass. Mmm, it feels so amazing. It’s my brother’s turn to feel this good now. I ask him if he wants his sister to suck his dick. I the lay on my side and slowly unzip his pants and start teasing his cock, getting it rock hard.I tell him I really want him to fuck my throat hard and make me gag on his cock. I gag on his cock until I am almost in tears. I love it. I love gagging on my brother’s cock. It’s so big and perfect too. I wish I had known and we could’ve started doing this sooner. I need to feel it inside me. I ask him if he brought a condom to fuck me. He puts the condom on and starts fucking me better than anyone ever has before. It’s making me crave his cock in my ass. I ask him if he still wants to fuck my ass and I can feel his cock get even harder.I lay down on my stomach ready for him to take my anal virginity. I tell him to take the condom off since we don’t need a condom for anal. I ask him to start slow and to be gentle since I’m an anal virgin and tell him that I can’t believe I’m losing my anal virginity to my brother. He starts off slow and gentle for me and then has me get into doggy where he starts fucking my tight virgin asshole just a little bit harder, as much as I can take. It feels so good, I’m so glad I’m losing it to my brother who loves me and accepts me. I decide I really want him to cum inside my pussy. I tell him I want him to go back to fucking my pussy but I don’t want him to put the condom back on. I want him to cum inside me and give me . He owns me now. My brother owns me and I call him daddy while he continues to fuck me. I’m my brother’s little whore now and I love it. As he gets closer to cumming, I change my mind and decide I need to taste his cum. I tell him to cum in my mouth and I want to feel his hot cum down my throat. I get on my knees and he shoots his load straight into my mouth which I swallow all up. Mmmmm, it tastes so good. That was literally the best I’ve ever been fucked and it was by my brother!! He agrees and says that it was also the best sex he’s ever had. I grab his head and bring him in for a kiss. I love my brother so much.

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